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~God’s Love~ April 24, 2013

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My husband loves me in spite of my flaws.

-God loves me because of them.

My mother loves me when no one else can.

-God’s love is still infinitely greater.

My children love me because of all I do for them.

-God’s love is not based on what I do for Him today.

My friends love me because I’m always outgoing and up for a good time.

-God loves me when I am at my lowest and couldn’t smile if I had to.

My church loves me through the service I do for them.

-God loves me most when I spend quiet time doing nothing more than loving on Him.

Is there anything more beautiful than the simplicity of falling into a loving embrace?  It brings a feeling of saftey and warmth that cannot be compared to any other sensation.

The love that is expressed from those around you may have strings attached.  You may have to do something in order to earn it.  The love that comes from God knows no limits.  It has no boundaries.  It cannot be lessened by your actions any more that it can be increased by your good works.  Love from God is the truest form there is, for we know that God is love.

Now imagine running into the always open arms of a loving Father.  Who wants nothing more than to love you and receive your love in return.  He never grows weary from holding you close.  He is never too tired or worn to comfort you when you’ve reached the lowest low.  He is never too busy to celebrate your life’s greatest moments with a pat on the back.  God’s love will never run out, not for you or for me.  It is never ending, never failing and readily available to all who seek it.  Let the love of your heavenly Father fall on your face today.  Let it warm you like the rays of the sun that he sent to shine just for you.

“Your unfailing love, O Lord, is as vast as the heavens; your faithfulness reaches beyond the clouds.”

(Psalm 36:5)


5 Responses to “~God’s Love~”

  1. Beautiful thoughts! I’m reminded of that hymn, “The Love of God is greater far than tongue or pen can ever tell …”

  2. Loved this one. Its so true that most Love is given by someone FOR something we do or can do for them. Thank God His love is without strings, boundaries, or limits. ❤

  3. esthersword Says:

    Just followed your blog, this post is awesome, thanks. Blessings!

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