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~Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings~ July 24, 2013

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feelingsThere is a reason why the Bible says we are not to live by feelings alone. Feelings are deceiving! Just because something feels good to the flesh, doesn’t automatically make it good for the soul. It has been my experience, that most of the time, what feels good to us is the opposite of what is best for us.
Feelings are self-motivated. It’s all about me, who cares what everyone else thinks or how it’s going to affect my future? I want to do what makes me happy and gives me that sensation that I crave.
Too often people base their decisions on emotions rather than what they know to be true. This can be incredibly reckless. A prime example would be when people divorce because “they’ve lost that loving feeling” so to speak. When you took your vows, did you say for better or worse? A big part of the “worse” is when your feelings falter so you think that means you no longer love that person you vowed to hold through thick and thin. Feelings are fickle. One day I may feel head-over-heels in love with my man. The next day he forgets to do some random thing I’ve asked of him and suddenly that swooning feeling is evaporating. Do I truly love him less because of his actions, nope. Love is more than how you feel, it’s a commitment that should not hinge on what the other person does for you.
Now think of the same scenario as it pertains to your faith and relationship with God. One day you can sense God’s Spirit so strongly that you’re certain if you closed your eyes, when you opened them you’d see the Lord before you. He is answering your prayers, (the way you want them to play out), all is going great with everyone you love….you feel fully devoted to Him. Here comes the wrench. You are worshiping your heart out but you don’t get that goose bump feeling like you did last week so God’s presence must not be there. Your little one falls ill, a loved one dies, your finances crash…you don’t feel so close to God anymore because clearly He has removed His hand from your life. Oh that people would wake up and realize this is a trick of the enemy! Our feelings will mess with us at every turn. So it is vitally important that we base our lives around foundational truths rather than our roller-coaster feelings.

“Those who trust their own insight are foolish, but anyone who walks in wisdom is safe.”

(Proverbs 28:26 NLT)

 Our emotions are not good indicators because they are ever changing. But God is always the same. His Word does not waver nor does His love for us.

“Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.”

(Romans 10:17 NIV)

Faith comes by hearing, not experiencing a feeling….’nuff said.


11 Responses to “~Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings~”

  1. Shelly Says:

    Amen! We are to live by what we KNOW know by how we FEEL.

    • Yes ma’am. The truth never waivers, but our feelings fluctuate. Always better to base your life around something steady and true as opposed to something that changes at every whim 😉

  2. blmaluso Says:

    Amen…so true.

  3. Galena Says:

    LOVE this post!

  4. Beate Says:

    Amen!!! Good writing! And as I observe in our American society Satan LOVES people , who are sincere in their FEELINGS, because they seek the doctor, get pharmaceuticals which REALLY will mess them up, douse themselves with alcohol and other mind altering substances, because honestly: what caring human CAN take this corrupt, horrible world!!!
    We either are redeemed out of it and are free to serve God – have a reason for living or we are committed to Satan to help us overcome by his methods. Most people, Christians included, have not even a clue what hits them and WHY all these things are happening to them. If their reaction is emotional they most certainly are defeated.That is not to say we should not care or emphasize with the hurting, but we HAVE to base our life on TRUTH and not on circumstances and emotions. Yes, truth hurts us emotionally at times, but that pain will lead to victorious living. I ALWAYS write on victorious living every day to get people OUT of their feelings and to HIs glorious truth! Be blessed! You made my day happy!

  5. lisajohnson401 Says:

    Every time I read about feelings vs actions I think why can’t it be easier. Things seem so simple in the morning when I wake up. But then I get around people and situations and all the sudden it is not so easy 🙂 Great post. Something we all struggle with.

  6. “feelings are self-motivated” – good point. Thanks for this insight on true love!


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