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Where are my Glasses?!?! September 27, 2013

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I love this post from fellow blogger, Shelly, about serving God out of obligation and duty rather than from a heart that longs to serve Him. Please read and enjoy her insight on something that most of us have all been guilty of a time or two, (or three or four)!

Come Undone

I barged through the door after a long 12hr shift. I’m exhausted. My son was supposed to empty the dishwasher…of course, he conveniently “forgot”. The dirty dishes lay piled in the sink. I tried to explain to him why it’s important to do his part…about commitments & his promise to have it done. I pleaded with him to remember next time. My remarks were met with forced & insincere, “Sorry, Mom”. Those words just sat there bearing their meaningless tone, as he begrudgingly unloaded the dishwasher. I thought about how God must feel when I do things out of duty, commitment, and/or obligation….or when I meet Him with my insincere apologies. I know I should have written in my blog like 55 days ago, but I’m busy. I know I should have read my devo and sought your advice instead of everyone else’s, but I didn’t have time to find my…

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