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~Fun Friday~ January 3, 2014

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Yesterday was a loooong day at this house.  I’ve been attempting to clean out, deep clean, throw out- all with 5 kids underfoot.  Hubs was working a late night so, as always, in his absence, bedtime was not going my way.  I laid the little princesses down and did the required “fore-knocker & joop” (it’s our thing, too hard to explain).  I crawled back up the stairs to FINALLY rest.  Butt hits the coach, girls come peeking around the corner.  Back down the stairs, repeat ritual, back up stairs, minutes pass….and again, little stinkers!  After about the 5th time, I was in the kitchen whipping up a fabulous, queen sized bowl of ice cream.  Please don’t judge, I earned it.  My mother offers the babes a cherry to entice them back to bed to no avail.  So what does this mom-of-the-year do?

“Girls, if you will go back to bed & STAY there right now, you can have ice cream for breakfast!”


And that’s how you do it, folks.

They both marched obediently down the stairs, crawled into their beds and the discussion of what toppings they would have on their “breakfast” commenced.  And I was granted the quiet time to enjoy my treat with my mom & oldest daughter.  Score.

So, what kind of mother bribes her kids with dessert for breakfast?  In the words of my mom, “a pretty awesome one!”

I know all the health-crazed, non-bribing parents everywhere are cringing.  It’s ok, let it go.  You can’t change me.  Desperate times do in fact call for desperate measures and nothing screams desperation like the need for some sugar combined with peace & quiet.



Besides, look at these happy babies.  I totally made the right call!

The lesson for today kids:  Sometimes we just need to say yes to what we would normally give a resounding no!  Hope you all enjoy your fun Friday…I know these two are!


14 Responses to “~Fun Friday~”

  1. they are adorable and as the mother of three girls I remember the days of bribery quite well, good call mom! Make sure to give them lots of exercise to run that sugar out LOL

  2. bwcarey Says:

    my mother gave us dessert, every day of our lives, how sweet is that, amen

  3. Julia Tomiak Says:

    Hey, it’s either ice cream or Valium; I think ice cream is the better choice. 😉 I’m cleaning out also and trying to regain order- and I can appreciate how difficult the task would be with five underfoot! High fives for sanity, and have a great weekend!

  4. My motto is “Do what works for you!” 😛

  5. This is great. Your right a mom has to do what a mom has to do!

  6. Love it! Happy Friday to you!

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