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~Treat Your Wife Like Wisdom~ February 14, 2014

Something that has always intrigued me is how wisdom is referred to as “she” and “her” in the Bible.  Naturally, being a lady, I initially thought, “That’s right!  Women are the smart ones!”  Of course I had to reluctantly admit that’s not why a neutral noun was replaced with a feminine pronoun.

A quick synopsis would be: If wisdom is a woman, man is the head of said woman, Christ is the head of man so ultimately wisdom is Christ himself.

Moving on.

Since today is Valentine’s Day, my Proverbs 4 post is in relation to married (or soon to be so) couples.  Specifically, I’m speaking to the men.strong marriage

Read the following verses:

“Don’t turn your back on wisdom, for she will protect you.  Lover her, and she will guard you.  Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do!  And whatever else you do, develop good judgment.  If you prize wisdom, she will honor you.  She will place a lovely wreath on your head; she will present you with a beautiful crown.”  (vs. 6-9)

Now, everywhere you see the word wisdom, replace it with “wife.”

“Don’t turn you back on your wife, for she will protect you.  Love her, and she will guard you.”

Fella’s, it is hazardous to your health to turn your back on your lady.  Having a wife is like having a second pair of eyes & ears and an extra mind & heart.  Why would you turn your back on that kind of support system?  It is to your benefit to love her.  The maddest I have ever been is when I felt someone had insulted my husband.  I can easily overlook an offense when it affects only me, but you attack my husband and you will see a whole other side to this normally tame gal.  Guys, you may think you don’t need your lady to “guard” you, but we see things differently than you do.  Gaining the feminine perspective to situations can save you from trouble.

“If you prize your wife, she will honor you.”

Husbands, love your wives as Christ loves the church.  The love Christ has for us is the most sacrificial example of love there is; He gave his life for us.  Likewise, husbands are called to love their wives in the same manner.  Place your wife’s needs above your own and she will in turn honor you all the days of her life.  Unfortunately, I have heard husbands say of their spouse, “she has no respect for me.”  Quick question, are you treating her as if you cherish her?  That is, after all, what it means to prize her.

For this last analogy, I am going to use The Message translation of the 2nd half of verse 8 & verse 9.

“Throw your arms around your wife—believe me, you won’t regret it; never let her go—she’ll make your life glorious.  She’ll garland your life with grace, she’ll festoon your days with beauty.”

Hold. Your. Wife.  You may look at her and think, “this…is NOT huggable!”  Do it anyway.  We find comfort and safety in your embrace, even if we don’t say so.  Speaking for myself, when I feel the support of my husband, it gives me a whole new level of confidence and assurance in who I am and what I am called to do.  It allows me to be a better wife & mother but more than that, his love and support encourages me to be a better servant to the Lord.  That will bring honor to my husband and family.  That will add grace and beauty to our lives.

Ok ladies, can I get an amen?!

All joking aside, these verses spoke to me in the exact way I translated them above.  Truthfully, we ladies could just as easily look at it in relation to our men but I wanted to address the guys for a change.

I hope that you all have a blessed and happy Valentine’s Day.  I pray that we would all take the time and put forth the effort into loving our spouses the way that God designed it to be.  extraordinary spouse


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