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~A Battle is Raging~ February 20, 2014

Saints, we are at war.

In my own personal life, in the lives of many of my friends and family, I can see the enemy hard at work.  He is attacking our hearts, our minds, our resources, our CHILDREN!  It is overwhelming to see the downward spiral that the world is on and it’s frightening to think that those we love may get swept onto the path of darkness.  We need to open our eyes and take an active role in fighting the Hell that is coming our way.  It is time we stop living like cowards, afraid to stand on the promises of God, and start living boldly for Him, shining our light so bright that people can’t help but take notice.

I don’t know what battle you are fighting today, but I do know with absolute certainty that God has given you the victory.  He has promised that we will not be shaken even by the most horrific of struggles.  He goes before us to make a way.  He stands beside us to give us strength.  He surrounds us with hedge of  impenetrable protection to keep all that is meant for our harm at bay.

Do you not see that the words of Proverbs 10:25 are screaming His truth?!

“When the storms of life come, the wicked are whirled away, but the godly have a lasting foundation.”  

We cannot be destroyed by anything when we place our hope in the One who created the Heavens and the Earth.  We sit safely in the palm of His hand.  Every hardship, every trial, every loss we experience passes through His knowing hands before it ever comes to us.  I truly believe that God will never give us more than we can handle.  I have heard so many people say, “God must really think I am tough for all the junk He lets come my way.”  No, he doesn’t.  He is giving us what we can handle when we invite Him into the situation.  We are not asked to overcome life’s obstacles in our volition, but with the help of our Father for whom nothing is impossible.  He is working all things together for our good.  The “stuff” that you think is going to destroy you, when submitted to Him can move you beyond anything you can possibly imagine.

I am speaking from personal experience.  I have been through some stuff, friends and God, in his infinite grace and mercy, has taken my mess and turned it into a message.

I heard this song on the radio this morning taking my kids to school.  It is my battle cry.  Hell’s coming, but I’m equipped with the armor of God to take a stand and kick in some teeth.  Suit up and join me, won’t you?

“The godly will never be disturbed, but the wicked will be removed from the land.” (Proverbs 10:30)

*This is day 10 of a 31 day study of the Book of Proverbs.*


5 Responses to “~A Battle is Raging~”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    It’s true. We are all in a battle. Not easy to watch it waged hard all around us. Our confidence is only in the One who protects us. I’m thankful He loves us that much!

  2. Shelly Says:

    Amen and amen! When we seek Him, He shows up and everything changes. Sometimes it is our circumstances and relationships that change and sometimes it is our hearts and attitudes. Regardless, when we seek Him, He does turn our mess into a message. Be blessed today and find a way to bless someone else!

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