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~But God~ February 26, 2014

I just this moment left my women’s Bible study to come home and work on my Proverbs post in silence before I have to pick up my baby from preschool.  As I was leaving the group, Lysa TerKeurst via video was beginning to discuss what happens when you use the phrase “but God.”

Imagine my surprise when I come home, open my faded, tattered Bible to Proverbs 16 and the very 1st verse reads:

“We can make our own plans, but the Lord gives the right answer.” 

Sometimes God is subtle when He’s trying to get your attention, this was not one of those times.  It’s like He knows sometimes I can err on the side of stubbornness and decided to send me a flashing neon sign in the form of confirmation.

The concept that Lysa was sharing about inserting the words “but God” into any situation changes the perspective entirely.  What may seem foolish, reckless or downright insane can suddenly make perfect sense when you add God to the equation.

I shared with my lady friends how when we say yes to God, we have our own preconceived notions of how He is then going to use us.  “Ok, Lord, I’m ready to serve you now.  Just so you know, I am writer, not a speaker, I work well with little kids, not teens and I can sing but Lord you know I have no rhythm so I’m not going to dance.  Now that you know all this about me, could you kindly open the door for my ministry.  Amen.”

Next thing you know, God’s pushing you to speak at a prayer group, lead an outreach for troubled teens and head up the new dance troop for your church! Not funny, Lord, not funny at all.  That is how God works!  He calls you to do what you cannot possibly do within your own abilities.  When you can feel the Lord yanking on you, leading you to do something for Him that is in exact opposition of your comfort zone…chances are that’s right where you are supposed to be!  Going against our norm ensures our full reliance on the Lord to complete the task at hand.

I have heard the expression, “tell the Lord your plans and he just laughs and laughs.”  He tells us quite clearly that we are to commit our actions to Him and then our plans will succeed (vs 3).  I happen to believe the reason being is when we truly submit ourselves to His leading, He will plant desires in our hearts.  It may come as a shock to some of you, but God can totally change your heart and mind to line up with what He wants you to do as opposed to what you want to do.  He stretches us, shapes us and molds us to do His work.  We are being refined and strengthened every single time we say no to ourselves and yes to Him.  The more we deny our own plans to take up the ones He has set before us, the more He will see that our faith and trust is in Him alone.  When that happens, God will start flinging doors wide open for you to share the Truth in ways you never dreamed possible.

If you are feeling a nudge to do something for God and you’re in the throws of a mental debate of wanting to be obedient but questioning, “God is this you because I’m not so sure you’ve got the right person for this?”  May I give you a very simple piece of advice?  The enemy will not ask you to do something that glorifies God.  If what you feel pressed to do is pointing people to Jesus and the absolute truth of His Word, it ain’t the devil.

Say yes to God and feel the warmth of His smile rest upon you.

“When the KING smiles, there is life; his favor refreshes like a spring rain.” (vs 15)

She is awesome...very well stated.

She is awesome…very well stated.

*Day 16 of our Proverbs 31 day challenge…man this is good stuff!


6 Responses to “~But God~”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I love this!
    But, God… Sometimes, I say that with a bit of a whiny quality, and that is NOT how it’s used in Scripture, of course. Dear God, may I factor in your presence and direction and truth and power in every situation!
    I’m tempted to do things my way, but God…He has a good, perfect, pleasing will. I want to do that!

  2. Great post! I’m an Allyson Felix fan too. I heard her mom speak at a women’s conference a few years ago. Amazing women of God!

  3. We used that as the theme for our weekend Women’s Ministry conference. But God… Love that! I put together an entire cardboard testimony group of ladies with But God stories. Mine was my healing from years and tears of depression. It was incredible.

    There have been plenty of But God moments in my life in the last several years… And He HAS used me and put me in such unexpected places. Very awesome feeling! Like I told my pastor once… I’m just along for the ride. 😀

    I wake up every day in expectancy.
    I love this post! You write … giftedly.
    That’s such a “Heather” word. LoL


    • Cardboard testimonies have to be one of the coolest, most impactful outreaches I have ever witnessed and been a part of.
      My husband and I were just talking about how amazing it is how God has used us over the years to reach people in the most unique ways.
      Today we sang a song where the bridge proclaimed, “We’re crying out in desperation, waiting now with expectation, crying out in desperation for you!” Love it!
      Thank you for your kindness, Heather. I’m sure that you can relate to questioning abilities as a writer. I know that it is God’s words not my own that I speak but I still struggle at times with my flesh! Big hugs!!

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