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~Morning Person…Not Just a Mythical Creature~ March 9, 2014

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Taking into account that we lost a whole hour today due to the ridiculousness that is “springing forward,” combined with an entirely too perky two year old who refused to let us sleep last night…today’s Proverbs post shall be short and sweet.

“A loud and cheerful greeting early in the morning will be taken as a curse!” (Proverbs 27:14 NLT)

 Let us all take a moment to embrace the dwindling moments of our weekend as we prepare for the hideous beast that I like to call “Monday.”  If you are anything like me, sharing the wisdom stated above with the members of your household will likely save you from delivering a tongue lasing on the unsuspecting “morning person” who dares utter “good morning” a bit too chipper for a Monday.

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8 Responses to “~Morning Person…Not Just a Mythical Creature~”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    LOL! Why do I understand this—even when my kids are teens?

  2. As a student, I’m looking forward to Monday, since I’m on spring break. 🙂

  3. 😀 Yep, I’m one of those morning people. Good thing I live alone!

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