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~Keeping the Honeymoon Phase Alive~ May 13, 2014

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daily gratitudeYesterday was a Monday of epic proportions. It started off quite nicely, enjoying a run with a friend. Fast forward to preschool pickup time and this is when things started rapidly going downhill.  The fact that Bella had a meltdown when I dropped her off that morning should have served as a warning sign of things to come.  I won’t bore you with all the details, let’s just say the level of disobedience was at an all time high.

Later that night as I sat alone listening to the 2 littlest beings fighting, hitting & biting each other when they were supposed to be snug in their beds, I couldn’t help but stew a little.  If they’re Daddy was home they sure wouldn’t be acting like this.  What happened to being kind & loving to Mommy?  Do we really only get one day a year when the kids are obedient, giving & thoughtful?  Yes, I was feeling whiney.  I kept thinking about how wonderful the day before had been when everyone was going out of their way to show love and appreciation .  Why can’t they maintain that kind of attitude all year round?!

One day I’m served breakfast in bed, being told repeatedly how much I am loved and made to feel as though I am the most important person on the face of the earth.  The very next day, the demands return accompanied by huffs, eye rolls and short tempers.  How does the excitement of showing gratitude wear off so quickly?

It got me thinking, aren’t we sometimes guilty of doing the same thing to God?  We honor him and sing about his goodness on Sunday and by Monday morning we’ve forgotten about all the reasons why his praise should continually be on our lips.  The intensity of the moment dissipates, daily life kicks in and suddenly our songs of praise and adoration are replaced with whining and backtalk.

We are receiving a kingdom that can’t be shaken. So let us be thankful. Then we can worship God in a way that pleases him. We will worship him with deep respect and wonder.” (Hebrews 12:28 NIRV)

God has given us countless reasons why our hearts should be glad and our lips should rejoice.  We need not look far to find something for which we can be thankful.  Let our words show the depth of our gratitude daily and not simply during Sunday worship.  In the same manner, those who have been placed in our lives deserve to be lifted up, praised and encouraged for all that they add to our lives, not just on the special occasion days, but everyday of the year.


2 Responses to “~Keeping the Honeymoon Phase Alive~”

  1. Julia Tomiak Says:

    You know this piece has special significance to me. Thank you for showing me how to turn my disgruntled thoughts away from myself and towards God.

  2. Ooh, that hits home. Very good point, thank you for sharing!

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