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~The Little Things~ May 16, 2014

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This morning I awoke to an empty bed.  I came up the stairs to a silent kitchen.  My husband was gone.

Did I get your attention?!  Before the panicked phone calls come rolling in, he’s not AWOL, this was planned.

I thought that I would love having the bed all to myself.  Turns out I barely slept in his absence.  Apparently I rather enjoy his warm body next to mine.  As I drug my butt up the stairs, there was no enticing aroma to greet me.  I actually had to be my own barista!  Folks let me tell you, coffee isn’t near as good when you have to make it yourself.    I didn’t get my gentle hug & kiss on the forehead before waking the kiddos, a moment that is just for us before the crazy commences, and it made me a little sad.

I can’t believe how many little things my husband does for me that I didn’t fully appreciate until this moment.

There are countless treasures that are part of my daily routine that I fail to give thanks for.  They seem insignificant when you look at the big picture but isn’t it the small things that when added up matter the most?  While my husband being gone triggered this thought, it isn’t exclusive to our relationship.  I hate to think of all the moments I take for granted with my children, too.

  • Our bedtime ritual with the girls.
  • Prayer on the way to school each day.
  • Hearing the boys laugh hysterically over something only the two of them could possibly understand.
  • Looking around the living room when we all pile up for movie night and seeing the look of contentment on everyone’s face at the SAME TIME!

It amazes me how it takes one of my people being gone to realize just how much I have to be thankful for.  Why can’t I appreciate all the gifts when they are being given?  It’s never too late to start so here is what I am relishing from this morning.

  • Carrying my sleepy 6 year old to the couch for breakfast while she nuzzled into the soft curve of my neck.
  • The chorus of “I love you” as the oldest 3 rolled out of the car at drop off.
  • The warmth of the sun on my face as I sit writing this post from the comfort and safety of our modest home.

What seemingly insignificant moment will you take notice of today?  Who extends an act of love & kindness that you’ve come to expect but rarely acknowledge?  Will you show them your appreciation today?161e9178e372f0b11c525e827f7367f7


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