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~My Writing Process~ May 24, 2014

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Happy Saturday folks!!

This past week I was approached by a fellow blogger who I now call friend about participating in a blog tour.  Now, for this non techy gal, she might as well have been speaking an alien language.  Heather had to go into a rather lengthy description of exactly what she was asking me to do.  Bless her heart, I bet she had no idea how complicated I would make things!

First let me say that I am breaking the rules, that’s just how I roll.  Part of this blog tour is to include 3 fellow bloggers whom I find inspiring.  That part is no problem, there are many writers that I have connected with whose writings are thought provoking & encouraging. However, I think I was supposed to ask them before including them.  Surprise!! I’m going to have to ask forgiveness instead of permission! So let’s get this thing rolling.

Heather Mertens over at 40 Year Wanderer is quite the chic.  She has been through some stuff in her life and she pours it all out on her fabulous blog.  Her writing is much like mine in the way she takes a down to earth approach and does her level best to give life application points to her message.  Check it out and I am sure you will find it worthwhile.

Now for the all about me section, because who doesn’t want to know more about me-haha!

1. What am I working on?

Not losing my mind.  Oh wait, I think this is supposed to be about my writing. Currently the only thing I am working on is this blog.  I love it.  For now, it is enough for me.  I will say that one day I would like to put together a collection of some of my favorite pieces to be published as a devotional.  Who knows what the Lord has in store?!

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

This one is easy.  I am simple.  I don’t use big words.  I write just like I speak, like a southern girl who loves to chat.  So you will often find grammatical errors and made up words on my site.  But you will also see a genuine heart that desires to see my readers lives changed for the better.

3. Why do I write what I do?

Because it is what I feel the Lord calling me to do.  There are days when I fight a serious battle with my material.  I have even deleted entire posts only to come back and rewrite them because I truly felt that it had to be said.  Some of my posts are lighthearted and comical because I often write about my life and let’s face it, life with 5 kids kind of provides its own comic relief.  Other days I get all up in your business by talking openly about mistakes I have made that make you feel like just maybe you could forgive yourself for the same thing.

I write what I do so that others can see through my life just how a gracious, loving God can redeem even the shadiest of characters.

4. How does my writing process work?

What process?! LOL!  It basically goes like this: I can be going about my day doing any random number of things when a post idea will come to me…it has to be Jesus folks because I am just not that creative.  When I sit down to write, it rolls out.  Sometimes nice and neatly and other times it’s a hot mess thrown out across the screen.  Either way, it works for me.  I simply allow myself to be sensitive to what the Lord might want someone to hear on that day and that is what I write.

There is one word that sums up my writing process, obedience.

The three sites that I am featuring are as follows, and in no particular order as they are all fabulous.

Lessons By Heart  Tami is one of those ladies who has encouraged and inspired me from the very beginning.  Her blog is all about Jesus and the numerous times she has seen Him at work in her life.  In her words, “Following His example, I write living parables.  Jesus can be found in any story, I’ve discovered.”

iChristian I just love Steve.  On this blog you will find beautiful photography, timely Scriptures & quotes and a man who shares his passion for the Lord and love of others freely.

loveYOURlife Lisa has the sweetest soul and it shows in her posts.  Everything she writes has a verse or two attached and she takes the time to hash it out and make it apply to right where we are living now.

I know that my readers will enjoy these fantastic blogs just as much as I do.  The content found in each site will uplift, point to Jesus and at times convict, but the one thing you will never find is condemnation.

Now for the 3 bloggers that I just threw under the bus, I ask that you spread the love by doing this very same thing on your website!  Share who did this to you, (that’d be me), answer the 4 questions and tell us who you think your followers might also enjoy reading!

Be blessed, friends!



8 Responses to “~My Writing Process~”

  1. I appreciate your down to earth, conversational writing style! Love it! Blessings in Christ. 🙂

  2. Dude,
    I love you!!! So see there’s MORE reasons we are all up in the connection thang… I make up words ALL. THE. TIME. According to my hubby it’s officially called Heather-eze.
    Uh huh.
    And yeah, I’m gettin’ all up in some faces … with THE TRUTH. But I’m okay with that since Jesus was all up there too. I’ve learned – the hard way ’cause it was sooooo my fault – to do it the Jesus love way though. That’s the way to be. That’s why I like lovin’ on your heart… ‘Cause you adore the Truth.

    I love Tami and Steve already!!! We connected long ago. I actually interviewed Steve once. 🙂 I just followed Lisa and am sure to love her too if you do!

  3. Annie B Says:

    Thanks for sharing your heart – I am friends with Heather and found you through her. I think I shall follow along with your beautiful bloggin!
    Annie 🙂

  4. Jo Anne Hilton Says:

    Valerie, I like you just the way you are. Don’t change a thing!

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