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~Let Me Take An Unfiltered Selfie~ July 11, 2014

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Do you know that there is an app that “touches up” your photos? I logged onto Facebook the other day and I had a recommendation to use said app.

Now I’m not sure what the ole’ Facebook is trying to imply, but color me offended!

The advertisement showed a beautiful young lady’s before and after the app worked it’s magic. I was not pleased with the results. The original showed each tiny freckle, her laugh lines and sections of stray hair that fell around her face. The retouched, so-called better, picture showed a spray tanned, perfectly manicured face and each strand of hair was placed just so. No more freckles, no soft lines to reveal her personality and no playful wisps of hair floating in her eyes.

Now you tell me how that kind of phony picture is more beautiful than reality?!

Yet another problem of the world we are living in. I’d like to go back in time and slap the fool who started the whole airbrushing craze. Now thanks to this app, you too can look just like the girl on the cover of a magazine. The completely unrealistic, professionally retouched, elongated here, slimmed down there version of what a woman should look like.

No. Thank. You.

I prefer to get my standard for beauty from the Bible:

“You are altogether beautiful, my darling, beautiful in every way.” (SOS 4:7)

Those creases around your eyes…evidence that you laugh often, not a flaw.

The stretch marks that reach around your hips & creep down your thighs…reminders of the miracle of life that came from your body, not a flaw.

The wild hair that gets frizzy & unmanageable when it rains…a unique feature you inherited from your grandma, not a flaw.

The abundance of freckles, too numerous to count…yeah, I love freckles, not a flaw.

Every part of you is a lovely reminder of what an awesome, creative God we serve. All so uniquely different & yet the same- beautiful, treasured, valued, irreplacable- just as we are.

Here’s one final thought for you, my paraphrase of 1 Peter 3:3-4:

Rather than worry yourself over the latest hairdo, makeup trends & fashion faux pas. Instead of looking in the mirror in disgust at the cellulite dimples, spidery veins & bags under your eyes. Just maybe, it’d be better to concern yourself with what is on the inside making its way out. Your words, your thoughts, your service to others, the love of God pouring out of a willing vessel…these are the things that make you radiant, not the newest shade of lipstick or the hair product that cements every hair in place.

(This is not an actual translation but can be filed under Valerism should you need a reference.)2f07e870b6a1e1d9fb2ff4e39cf46f86


6 Responses to “~Let Me Take An Unfiltered Selfie~”

  1. blmaluso Says:

    Wow…thanks for posting. Every woman needs to hear this:-)

    “Beloved Daughter” is one of my posts that I was inspired to share on this subject. The world is attempting to take away true beauty and replace it with a new shallow and empty version that could never bring true joy and happiness.

    Thanks, and have a joy filled, beautiful day! Bernadette

    • I’d have to agree.
      I’ve struggled much of life with body image issues. The older I get, the more Jesus gets hold of on the subject, the more I realize what an insult it is to HIM when I belittle HIS handiwork!
      I’ll have to check your archives for your post!

  2. Carol Miles Says:

    Very timely! Thank you for the reminder. God bless.

  3. First of all: What?? There’s an app on FB to “airbrush” your selfies?! Unbelievable. Second: Loved this post. I am one of those people that has a hard time loving my flaws so I thank you for this post! Very encouraging and definitely from the heart of the Father. Blessings!

  4. I know, crazy isn’t it?! I’d say everyone has something they would change about themselves if they could! My hope is that we would learn to focus on what we love about ourselves & celebrate our good qualities as opposed to criticizing what we consider our flaws.

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