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~Convicted By A Wave~ September 3, 2015

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Every morning and every afternoon I drive the exact same route to my children’s schools, as do most other parents in town. So I typically find myself crossing paths with the same people once, sometimes twice, a day. I wave, albeit with a coffee cup in hand, at every car I pass. Well, except for one. There is one vehicle that I pass both morning and afternoon. I don’t know the driver, I just know we must have children in the same school. I used to wave, everyday, but not once was it ever reciprocated. So, with a bit of self-righteous indignation, I stopped.

This morning as I passed them once again and kept one hand firmly on the wheel and the other on my ceramic mug, I felt a twinge of guilt. Since when do I base my behavior on that of others? So what if this person never raises their hand in greeting? Do I need to be acknowledged for every little act of kindness I offer, even something as simple as a wave? Y’all, this seriously rocked my world and this was all before breakfast!

Just last night I shouted words of encouragement to one of my runners at an XC meet “They don’t set your pace, YOU do!!” Should that not be the same approach we take in our dealings with others in our day-to-day? Should we not do OUR best to be the light regardless to whether or not we see the fruits of our labors? How we treat others is not a reflection of them, it’s a reflection of us. I don’t want to start allowing bitterness to take root in my heart just because someone doesn’t respond to me the way I think they should. do to others

Be you, always. Wave to your heart’s content. Offer a “cheers” to that momma holding on to her coffee for dear life. Smile at the cashier who seemingly hates life. It’s making a difference, if not in their life, in yours.


2 Responses to “~Convicted By A Wave~”

  1. blmaluso Says:

    Good reminder:-) Thank you for always being willing to share your humanness.

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