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~Superficial Change~ February 11, 2016

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May I be so bold as to say that we have all found ourselves at a place where we were desperate for change at one time or another. Circumstances have left us far from content and we find that we are searching for some way, any way, to feel better. 

Oftentimes when those feelings rise up, when we’re down in the gutter of life, the first thing that comes to mind is that which will bring instant gratification. A new hairdo, a wardrobe makeover and a tighter physique are all within the realm of possibilities. We’ll rush to the salon, whip out the plastic with a resounding “charge it” and exercise like a fiend all in the name of “something new.” When that doesn’t bring the satisfaction we had hoped for, we start looking at the bigger picture. Conceivably, a shift in our line of work, a new home, a different locale… even a brand-spankin-new family, springs to mind as the fix we need. 

We’re flailing, doing everything we can conjure up to mend whatever is broken or find what we believe is missing all the while accomplishing nothing other than added frustration. We feel hopeless to deal with the heart of the matter so we continually fight to manipulate that which we can control. 

While I am by no means an expert on such matters, I have had a single moment of clarity in the midst of my own past struggles:

No amount of external changes can give you freedom if you are trapped inside your mind. 

“You can’t put lipstick on a pig,” in other words, you can’t hide what’s underneath. And there really is no point in trying to, because eventually, the facade cracks and you’re left exposed. So let’s spare ourselves the exhaustive work of trying to recreate our outsides and just deal with the insides from the start. How? The answer is simple…and complicated…get wisdom.  


Seek to find the root of the problem and be receptive to the solution. It requires more strength, courage and gumption than simply skimming the surface but it’s effects are longer lasting. 


2 Responses to “~Superficial Change~”

  1. blmaluso Says:

    Yes True Wisdom, and the peace and love that follow, lead to joy and true happiness within. Thanks for these “wise” words:-)

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