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~Beware Of Dog (and don’t swear)~ March 17, 2016

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Story time y’all.

In spite of my hesitancy to do the run thing today, I ventured out. About midway in, this adorable Pom-husky decides to join me. He was a persistent little booger & wouldn’t stop so I finally checked his collar; address and number so kudos to the owners. Seeing as I was solo and people are crazy these days, I opted to call rather than go knock on the door. She apologized profusely & explained she had a digger on her hands. Houdini had escaped the fence. She agreed to stand outside and watch while I ran back towards where the fuzz ball had joined me. Out of nowhere, the biggest Pit I’ve ever seen came barreling out of a garage. I employed every trick I knew to stop this giant but he was fixated on getting to the little one. I think he was friendly and only wanted a sniff BUT little pooch was terrified and decided I was his best chance at survival. Pom went into defense mode, barking & snipping which agitated Mr. Pit. Meanwhile I’m acting as a human shield, screaming frantically in the middle of the street. I’m not gonna lie y’all, I may have let a word slip. I had enough sense to repent and beg the Lord to spare me and my new found friend. Seriously folks, if you’ve never been caught between two circling dogs, let me tell you, it’s terrifying and I consider myself a dog person! 

Finally a tiny little woman comes out of a neighboring house asking if I’m ok and I quickly explained the situation. Tiny dog owner comes out a few houses down and freaks when she sees her doggie in danger. Pom makes a mad dash for its momma and the Pit follows, thankfully both of them unharmed. As soon as they were out of my line of vision, I thanked the kind stranger for making sure I didn’t die and bolted! I rang my mom and had her stay on the phone while I ran until I felt I’d placed a safe distance between me and the horse. 

The moral of this random story, be a responsible pet owner!!! If I had taken my overprotective Kansas with me, which I nearly did, this whole scenario would have unfolded differently. Also, it isn’t wise to swear when you could totally use the Lord on your side!

A little side note for you, Pit owner never came out.


One Response to “~Beware Of Dog (and don’t swear)~”

  1. Julia Tomiak Says:

    So, with all that excitement, I guess knee pain was a minor issue? ;). I’m glad you weren’t hurt- it really frustrates me when owners don’t take proper care of their dogs- it gives dogs a bad name. I understand the digger- but good grief, THREE on the loose?!

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