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~Goosfraba~ September 6, 2016

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Most of you know that my family relocated a few months ago. New town means new schools for my kiddos. Shocking as this may be, it would appear that drop off/pickup is just as cray-cray as it was in our hometown, possibly even more so! The schools here are ginormous so there is a massive amount of congestion. In my opinion, the staff does a stellar job at keeping things moving with smiles on their faces. Well, apparently one daddi-o did not think so this morning.

Cue the music…

It’s a beautiful day outside and most parents I passed were still flying high from our glorious 3 day weekend. I walked my littles to their classrooms and made my way back to the car where my 2 teens waited for their turn. As I approached, I noticed the both of them hunkered down in their seats, shoulders shaking. 

“What in the world are y’all doing?!”

“Oh my gosh Mom, don’t look!”

It was in that moment that a flurry of movement caught my eye. So here we are, chilling in a parking spot and the line is moving around the perimeter. The driver directly in front of me was apparently waiting to park to walk his wee babes in. Judging by the level of flailing coming from behind the steering wheel, he’d been waiting just a tad too long. I promise you I tried my level best not to laugh, but I ain’t never! Hand gestures, wheel beatin’, red faced hollerin’…and I could see the little heads in the backseat, perfectly still. I for real thought this fella was going to explode, his blood pressure had to be through the roof. I desperately wanted to go tap on his window and let him know it was all gonna be alright. Goosfraba, man, goosfraba. (A line from Anger Management used to calm oneself down.)

Then it stopped being funny. I totally understand the pressure of being crunched for time. I haven’t the faintest idea why this guy was so frantic but it was obvious he was running late for something. I also know what a crappy start can do for the rest of your day and that’s why I stopped giggling. The kids in that car probably didn’t have the greatest morning. I know my kids go totally silent when I’m having one of those mornings. They end up walking away from me with a not-so-smiley face, usually heads hanging and looking defeated. How’s that for a wake up call?!

So I turned up the tunes and car-danced my way to the high school, trying my best to be positive. As all of you parents know, mornings are TOUGH. Some days it’s all we can do to make it out the door much less do it with a smile but it’s important. Our kids are looking to us to see how we react to any given situation. If we explode over every little nuisance that disrupts our day, they’ll learn to do the same. We have no control over the speed bumps we encounter throughout our days but we can control our responses. I have spent most of my adult life being wound so tight that I’ve caused myself and my family undue stress. So my goal, and it’s a working goal, is to learn to roll with it. Most days our routine goes off without a hitch so why go all Incredible Hulk on the rare occasion that it doesn’t?! I can assure you that raging won’t get you where you’re going any faster but it will leave a nasty impression on whoever is in your line of fire. And while I totally respect the importance of being punctual, let’s not allow that to take precedence over a happy, healthy start to each day for ourselves & our tribes.  

Calm. Down.


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