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~Tailgaters & Horn Layers…This Is To You~ May 12, 2017

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imageThere is an issue that I think needs some attention: road rage! Normally, I don’t let these sort of things bother me. Today, however, all I can think about are my 3 soon to be licensed drivers.
This morning I had a teenage girl ride my bumper down the main road,(speed limit 50), all the way into the school parking lot. Immediately, she whipped around me into her assigned lot. Nice. Brand new driver has already mastered the art of tailgating. Upon leaving the school, I had a woman do the exact same thing until I turned off, at which point she laid on the horn like I was somehow in the wrong for obeying the speed limit. Gee, I wonder where our young drivers are picking up these habits?!
Part of me wanted to hop back on the road and follow her. Mainly because I wanted to know if she was a mom. If so, how might she feel if she had a son or daughter who was just learning and someone did to them like she did to me? Driving is a huge responsibility that people take way too lightly. One mistake can cost someone their lives. I am a seasoned driver so things like impatient drivers don’t affect me. But my kids?? An angry adult blaring their horn & following close enough to swap paint would fluster them, no doubt.
So here’s my question to all of you out there on the roads today….why is your time and life more valuable than that of my children? Where do you need to be that is so pressing that you’re willing to act a fool, driving recklessly, to shave literal seconds off your arrival time?
Parents, please, teach your new drivers about the realities of following too closely. Veteran drivers, just relax. Set a better example for the kids who are sharing the roads. You’ll get to your destination eventually. Wouldn’t you rather get there a minute or two late than end up with your teeth in your dash or worse yet, mowing someone’s kid down?!
Drive cautiously. Sincerely, a terrified mother.


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