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~Don’t Hate The Girl Who Loves Herself~ March 20, 2016

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“She thinks she’s so pretty.”

And what, prey tell, is wrong with that?!

When did it become a bad thing for a woman to like what she sees in her reflection? I have noticed that it tends to be other women who make this statement. As a matter of fact, I’ve never heard a dude utter those words in my entire life.

So, ladies, why would we express such hostility towards another woman simply because she feels good in her skin?




Not one of those qualities is very becoming. Regardless of the reason behind it, there is no justifiable reason to say something so harsh about anyone. So what if “she” thinks she’s pretty? Does her confidence affect you negatively in some way? Would you prefer she knit pick every feature or that she balk at what she sees in the mirror? Would it make you feel better if she thought she was hideous and undesirable, unworthy of anyone’s attention? Even if her confidence errs on the side of conceit, that’s her issue to resolve, not ours to judge.

I can remember being a teenager and having thought this about a girl or two and I know it was pure jealousy on my part. I’d catch my latest crush looking their way and rather than appreciate the beauty he saw, I’d feel angry that it wasn’t directed at me. Now when I see an attractive woman, I will point her out to whomever I’m with, even my husband. I’m not trying to trick him into complimenting another woman so I can pout about how he must not think I’m good enough, (yes, that was me in my younger years), I am simply in awe of how uniquely beautiful we all are and want others to recognize it too.

Sister-friends, we can all be beautiful, it’s not a contest where only one girl wins. Remember that more times than not, the beauty people see in us is at least partially based on that which comes from within us. Don’t let that image be tainted by belittling someone who is confidant in who they are. Love yourself. And love that woman who thinks she’s so pretty….because she is, and so are you.

“A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh, but envy makes the bones rot.” (Prov 14:30 ESV)


~The Little Things~ May 16, 2014

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This morning I awoke to an empty bed.  I came up the stairs to a silent kitchen.  My husband was gone.

Did I get your attention?!  Before the panicked phone calls come rolling in, he’s not AWOL, this was planned.

I thought that I would love having the bed all to myself.  Turns out I barely slept in his absence.  Apparently I rather enjoy his warm body next to mine.  As I drug my butt up the stairs, there was no enticing aroma to greet me.  I actually had to be my own barista!  Folks let me tell you, coffee isn’t near as good when you have to make it yourself.    I didn’t get my gentle hug & kiss on the forehead before waking the kiddos, a moment that is just for us before the crazy commences, and it made me a little sad.

I can’t believe how many little things my husband does for me that I didn’t fully appreciate until this moment.

There are countless treasures that are part of my daily routine that I fail to give thanks for.  They seem insignificant when you look at the big picture but isn’t it the small things that when added up matter the most?  While my husband being gone triggered this thought, it isn’t exclusive to our relationship.  I hate to think of all the moments I take for granted with my children, too.

  • Our bedtime ritual with the girls.
  • Prayer on the way to school each day.
  • Hearing the boys laugh hysterically over something only the two of them could possibly understand.
  • Looking around the living room when we all pile up for movie night and seeing the look of contentment on everyone’s face at the SAME TIME!

It amazes me how it takes one of my people being gone to realize just how much I have to be thankful for.  Why can’t I appreciate all the gifts when they are being given?  It’s never too late to start so here is what I am relishing from this morning.

  • Carrying my sleepy 6 year old to the couch for breakfast while she nuzzled into the soft curve of my neck.
  • The chorus of “I love you” as the oldest 3 rolled out of the car at drop off.
  • The warmth of the sun on my face as I sit writing this post from the comfort and safety of our modest home.

What seemingly insignificant moment will you take notice of today?  Who extends an act of love & kindness that you’ve come to expect but rarely acknowledge?  Will you show them your appreciation today?161e9178e372f0b11c525e827f7367f7


~Simple Things~ June 10, 2013

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Beautiful sunset from our vaycay

Beautiful sunset from our vaycay

One of the best things about vacation is that you notice things that typically wouldn’t capture your attention.  Last week while vacating at my in-laws, my husband and I were always up before the rest of the house because our little bit doesn’t acknowledge vacation time.  While I was laying around watching her run back and forth through our temporary living quarters, I was struck by how much amusement she found in the most trivial things.  She would run to the window and scream, “Look at the swimming, Mommy!” (This would be what she called the pool).  Then she’d dash across the room and spot her jelly shoes, “Oh…my jellies!”  At which point, she’d scoop up her shoes and squeal as she hugged them to her chest.

It was so precious to watch her get so excited over the little things and it got me thinking how oftentimes in life we rush around to the point that we miss all the small stuff that could bring us great joy.

With the daily grind bearing down on your back, what is that blissful moment that you are shoving to the side because you don’t have, or better yet, won’t take, the time to appreciate?

Every morning there is beautiful sunrise commanding your attention, do you ever pause to admire its splendor?  What about the rest of God’s creation that He has woven together for us to enjoy, are you taking it for granted?  Take just a moment today and soak it in.

Perhaps where you are most guilty is moments missed with your family.  When you spouse wants just a little more snuggle time in the morning, don’t be so engrained with routine that you can’t push all that aside for a little more love.  How about your mini-mes?  When they ask for just one more kiss at bedtime, even if it is just a stalling tactic, lay it on them!  If Mom or Dad calls at the most inconvenient time of day, so what, think of all the times they dropped what they were doing for you and return the favor for a change.

There is so much more to this life then the hustle and bustle that we have allowed to consume us.  Most of what we think matters most is really insignificant.  What difference does it make if you are always on time, make the most money and always have the latest gadgets if you have absolutely no joy in your life.

Be like my Bella.  Go through your day looking for every possibility to be thankful and squeal with delight.  God wants us to be happy.  Our very existence is proof of that.  Don’t waste another day hurrying through this life.  Pause and give God a standing ovation for the glory He has surrounded you with.

“For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of what we eat or drink, but of living a life of goodness and peace and JOY in the Holy Spirit.”

(Romans 14:17 NLT)