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~Learning to Relax~ December 7, 2015

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We’ve been in our new home for just over a week now. For many reasons, we decided that I would homeschool all five of our children for at least the remainder of this school year. One of the main perks the kids and I were looking forward to was a more relaxed schedule. No more screaming momma trying to rush the kids out the door by a specified time. Gone would be the days of frustration at trying to “get it all done.” And yet, I seem to be having difficulty adjusting to this lifestyle!

Apparently I’ve spent so many years rushing everywhere that I have forgotten how to chill the heck out.

The kids have done great with their school work, finishing in a fraction of the time had they still been in public school….which sent me into a panic, emailing other homeschool moms to calm my fears. Am I not assigning them enough work? Are my kids going to fall behind? Thankfully those mommas put my mind at ease before I doubled up the kids’ workload.

When the typical after school hour rolls around, we have nowhere we have to be. No practices, no bonus kids to pick up, absolutely no rushing out the door…ever. You’d think that would be pretty easy to get used to, and yet here I sit, telling you that it’s not!

Y’all are going to think I’ve snapped, but I actually Googled “what does the Bible say about relaxing?”

“Remove vexation from your heart, and put away pain from your body, for youth and the dawn of life are vanity.” (Ecc 11:10 ESV)

First of all, I’m pretty sure I’ve not read this particular verse before or if I have, it wasn’t very memorable to me. Secondly, I had to Google the definition of vexation: the state of being annoyed, frustrated, or worried OR something that causes annoyance, frustration, or worry. I’ve included another translation of this verse that drove the point home for me:

 Rid yourself of all worry and pain, because the wonderful moments of youth quickly disappear. (CEV)

I’ve been afforded an opportunity to slow it down for a while, to spend more quality time with my children without the anxiety that accompanies an overbooked schedule. They are growing insanely fast and Lord knows I am not getting any younger and I’ve been squandering this incredible luxury of essentially having them all to myself, even if only for a few months.

It’s time I make a genuine effort at learning to just relax and embrace this season with my beautiful family. If you have something causing vexation in your life, maybe today is a good time to say “no more.”


Just in case you need a little help relaxing…the ocean always does it for me 😉


~Fun Friday~ January 3, 2014

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Yesterday was a loooong day at this house.  I’ve been attempting to clean out, deep clean, throw out- all with 5 kids underfoot.  Hubs was working a late night so, as always, in his absence, bedtime was not going my way.  I laid the little princesses down and did the required “fore-knocker & joop” (it’s our thing, too hard to explain).  I crawled back up the stairs to FINALLY rest.  Butt hits the coach, girls come peeking around the corner.  Back down the stairs, repeat ritual, back up stairs, minutes pass….and again, little stinkers!  After about the 5th time, I was in the kitchen whipping up a fabulous, queen sized bowl of ice cream.  Please don’t judge, I earned it.  My mother offers the babes a cherry to entice them back to bed to no avail.  So what does this mom-of-the-year do?

“Girls, if you will go back to bed & STAY there right now, you can have ice cream for breakfast!”


And that’s how you do it, folks.

They both marched obediently down the stairs, crawled into their beds and the discussion of what toppings they would have on their “breakfast” commenced.  And I was granted the quiet time to enjoy my treat with my mom & oldest daughter.  Score.

So, what kind of mother bribes her kids with dessert for breakfast?  In the words of my mom, “a pretty awesome one!”

I know all the health-crazed, non-bribing parents everywhere are cringing.  It’s ok, let it go.  You can’t change me.  Desperate times do in fact call for desperate measures and nothing screams desperation like the need for some sugar combined with peace & quiet.



Besides, look at these happy babies.  I totally made the right call!

The lesson for today kids:  Sometimes we just need to say yes to what we would normally give a resounding no!  Hope you all enjoy your fun Friday…I know these two are!