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~Not My Words~ May 1, 2014

“I use words as an expression…my words point to the Word….THE WORD has a name…Jesus Christ.”

Several times since beginning this writing thing, I have had people praise my posts.  There have been those who have reached out for counsel after feeling convicted from something I said.  I have received private messages with words like, “This post was for me.  I needed to hear this today, more than you know.”  Words of encouragement, prayers for blessing & pats on the back have not been lacking.

I don’t say these things to brag, quite the contrary.  I tell you this to give God every bit of the glory.  You see, I rarely have a moment when I sit down to write where the words that pour out are mine.  I do share life experiences, funny child-rearing stories and my testimony, one little piece at a time.  But what is reaching people, changing lives and tugging on heartstrings, has absolutely nothing to do with me.  It is Jesus.  His words, His promises, His grace & forgiveness, His love, His ever present help & strength.

When I write or talk about Jesus, my desire and hope is that I will be hidden and that He alone will be seen, heard and magnified.  Because I know that my words are weak and my mind is feeble, I long for the Holy Spirit to takeover at every ordained opportunity.

I am thankful that the Lord chooses to use me in this, my ministry.  I am also thankful for my brothers & sisters in Christ who have come alongside me and encouraged me in this gift.  And yes, that is how I view this blog, as my gift from the Lord to be used to point people to Him.  I am grateful to fellow Christian bloggers whose words have prodded me, nurtured me, brought me peace and left me in complete awe of what a beautiful Savior we live and breathe for.  I just wanted to take today to say thanks.

This song has quickly become one of my favorites.  This particular version was quite lengthy and I wasn’t sure why until midway through, a gentleman stepped up to the mic and started reading.  The quote above is what caught my attention and prompted this post.  Listen.  Let the song & his words settle deep into your soul.  Be blessed today knowing that “His perfect love could not be overcome.”


~Which side of the bed did you get up on?~ January 23, 2014

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Have you ever given any thought as to how you start your morning impacts the rest of your day?

This morning my youngest woke up crying.  Great.  I immediately started dreading the day because nine times out of ten, tears first thing in the morning mean a long, whiny, fit-filled day lies ahead.  However, my hubs hadn’t left for work yet so he brought her in to lay in bed with me and flipped on the cartoons.  After a few minutes, she was content watching Micky Mouse and snuggling with momma.  When it was time to rise and shine, she was as pleasant as can be.  All smiles, no tears, as we fixed breakfast and prepared for the day.

Having some time to reflect, my mind drifted to a different scene.  This one involves me and how I begin my days.  Some mornings I wake up mad at the world.  I can’t really explain why, maybe I had bad dreams or maybe it’s because I ate that brownie right before bed, could be anything really.  The point is, I am angry…at nothing…ready to tear out of bed and be the best mean girl I can be.  Picture the worst mother on earth, slamming doors, flinging lunchboxes and barking orders at her sleepy-eyed babes.  How bout that for a visual?

But, and you know there is always a but, when I wake up like that, I have learned how to ward off the hateful beast.  I thank Jesus.  I lay in my bed under my awesome blankie and talk to God.  I thank him for another day on this earth with my loved ones.  I thank him for our health.  I thank him for his provision.  And on and on I go until I can safely get out of bed with a smile on my face instead of the vicious scowl that was there when I first woke.

It’s not always easy to give thanks first thing in the morning, especially if you’ve had a rough night with little to no sleep.  Been there a time or two.  But, regardless to how bad your night was, there is always something to be thankful for.  Always.

One of my favorite songs comes to mind, and maybe it will help you too.  There is a line that comes directly from Scripture that reminds me of the hope we have each and every day:  There might be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning.

If you woke up with your mad face on, it’s not too late to turn your day around.  Sit and meditate on all that you have to be thankful for.  If you can’t think of something right off, trust me, it’s there just beneath the surface waiting for you to take notice.


~Miraculous Blessing~ January 10, 2014

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Our little family has had it’s share of highs and lows over the last few years.

When I was pregnant with Emma, we were told she exhibited signs of downs syndrome.

We watched helplessly as Peyton suffered with excruciating headaches.

We’ve fought the legal system to protect two of our children from a dangerous environment.

We have sat and looked at our bills only to realize the money wasn’t there.

And in all these struggles, one thing has proven true each and every time.  The moment that we decided to release our worries and cast all of our cares onto the Lord’s capable shoulders, He showed up.  I’m not talking about a little pat on the back.  I mean the kind of move of God that blew our minds and left us completely awestruck at His love for us.

With Emma, we prayed and decided to ignore the doctors urging and forgo the extensive testing.  Miraculously, the elevated numbers dropped and I delivered a healthy baby girl with ease.

Some of you know how Peyton’s story turned out.  After months of fretting and crying to God, he was healed in an instant…and I do mean an instant.  One day he was sick, the next day it was all over.

We are still in the throws of a fight over two of our children, but we know that the victory has already been given to us as the battle belongs to the Lord.

As for our financial worries, I can’t tell you how many times God has showed up in the craziest of ways.  We have been granted unmerited favor with debtors, we’ve received gifts of items we desperately needed but couldn’t possibly afford-like a refrigerator, and we’ve been showered with blessings from the most random of places just when we needed them most.

Last night was no exception.  I won’t share all the details, but I had to give God a shout out.

We had an unexpected visitor show up on our doorstep.  I was clueless to what was going on until it was all over because I was downstairs putting 2 rambunctious girls to bed.  I came up the stairs to find my husband with a look of shock on his face.  He could hardly put into words what had just taken place.  The Lord sent us a miracle through someone that we could have never anticipated.  This person handed something to my husband and said that the Lord laid it on their heart to give it to us and wouldn’t let them alone about it until they did!

There are no words to explain to you just how awestruck we all were in this house last night, we still are.  We know the Lord loves us, He’s proven it time and time again, but it still amazes me to see Him work in such a tangible way.

The moral of this story is to completely lean into God and trust that He will always give you just what you need at the very moment you need it.  Looking back over our story, how could we not trust him?!

To our guardian angel who was obedient to the Lord- I pray that you will be doubly blessed for the love and generosity that you extended to our family.

“Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” (Luke 6:38)