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~Pray…Not Wish~ May 24, 2013

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“Huneeee, do you think that since we are approaching our 7 year anniversary all the debt we’ve accumulated over the years will be forgiven?”  “I don’t know.  Have you asked God for that?”  “Not exactly, I’ve been a little vague.”  “Well dear, the Bible says we have not because we ask not.”

I’ve got to hand it to my man, when he makes a point, he sure does drive it home like an iron spike straight through the heart of the matter.  As painful as it is to admit, he was right (somebody better write that down).fingers_crossed

We go through this life filling our days with wishes:

I wish we had some freedom in our finances.

I wish my friends marriage would be restored,

I wish the cancer would stop wreaking havoc on my mother’s body.

I wish my lost family member would come to know Jesus.

Do you know that wish means to “express a strong desire or hope for something that is not easily attainable; to want something that cannot or probably will not happen.”  Still want to go around wishing for things?  I sure don’t!  The very meaning of the word implies defeat and hopelessness.

But what if we simply replace the word “wish” with “pray”?  Prayer infuses these statements with power; power that comes from the Almighty who promises in His Word that He is close to those who call on Him.

“Whatever your situation may be, the power of God is our hope & relentless intercessory prayer grants us access to that power.”

Many of us are facing desperate situations in our lives or the life of someone we love.  We need to pray without ceasing!  Have the attitude of “I won’t let go until you bless me!”  Call on God until He answers you and ask other believers to call on Him on your behalf.  Don’t underestimate the power of prayer.  It can move mountains, loose chains that bind & set the captives free.  Too many times we turn to prayer as a last resort option.  It’s where we turn when we’ve tried every avenue we can think of to fix things on our own.  Or we waste our energy “wishing” so that we never bother to pray in the first place.  We need to adjust our first line of defense to prayer.  Ask God first for His guidance and listen for His instruction.  Don’t wish your life away, instead pray your way through it and watch how drastically your outlook changes.

“The earnest prayer of a righteous man person has great power and produces wonderful results.”prayer_cuppedhands

(James 5:16 NLT)